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Modernization of our company


Dear Alphacool Customer,

We would like to inform you about possible delays with our support and order processing due the modernization of our company. We apologize for the circumstances and will be back with our service as soon as possible.Please note that we cannot access our fax at this time


Alphacool-Facebook Account


Facebook has become for many people a real standard of living, which was another reason for us to be present there. To keep you constantly up to date and let you also get some background information, you can  reach us on Facebook.Alphacool-Facebook Account

Alphacool graphics card configurator


Graphics cards in the new generation are currently the loudest and most intense heat component in System.Therefore it stands to reason to provide them with a cooling wet and to save silence in the computer. But which cooler fit my card? To simplify your way through the jungle of manufacturers and associated different layouts can be found at the following link, our new configuration, with this it should be simple for everyone to find a suitable cooler for his card..Alphacool graphics card configurator

The new generation Alphacool NexXxos radiators.


Our radiators do enjoy great popularity for a long time, and a essential part of the water cooling scene.
For this reason we are going to top it, and present you our new series. The new 180 and 140mm Monsta. As if this were not enough, you will receive in addition the White Special Edition. Get it here: The new Alpha NexXxos radiator generation

Alphacool’s RAM water block for a high-end water cooling loop!


In a water cooling system, when completely eliminating the fans in the enclosure, the RAM modules should not be forgotten about. Especially when the air flow is completely coming to a standstill in the enclosure, the stock heatspreaders barely help any more in reducing the temperature. An active solution is needed! For this purpose we consider a multitude of Ram coolers for you ready to complete every system shapely. Get it here: Alpha Cools RAM coolers

Neue Alphacool Eheim Anschlussadapter


Eheim ist einer der bekanntesten Pumpenhersteller in Deutschland, und erfreut sich auch in der Wasserkühlungsszene größter Beliebtheit, da sich die Pumpen durch Ihre gute Performance und Langlebigkeit auszeichnen. Das einzige Defizit was mit einer Anschaffung einer dieser Pumpe hervorsticht ist, dass diese nur unter Zuhilfenahme  von Ein- und Auslassadaptern in den Kreislauf mit eingebunden werden können. Doch zu den zusätzlichen Kosten der Adapter, stellt sich auch die Frage welche Adapter sind für meine Pumpe die richtigen? Wir haben uns dieser Problematik gestellt, und führen ab sofort  Anschlüsse die Adapter und Anschluss in sich vereinen. Hier zugreifen: Alphacool Eheim Anschlussadapter

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