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Alphacool HF 38 Cape Cyclone 250

Alphacool HF 38 Cape Cyclone 250
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HF 38 Cape Cyclone 250

The advancement of the well-known alphacool Coolplex defines the notion of reservoir anew. More volume, additional diameter, light, flow, effects and further features…

All quality characteristics of the Coolplex have been enhanced and extended. 60 mm of pipe diameter combined with 250 mm length of this model offer not only a higher volume of fluid supply, similarly the proportional ratio of height and width is optically more rewarding.
Given that the Coolplex reservoir affects the flow rate through connections and ascension pipe, G 3/8" connecting thread were consistently used here. Connections with an inner diameter of 8, 10 mm or more can thus be used without any difficulty. Intending that the ascending pipe does not form a bottleneck, it possesses an inner diameter of 12 mm.

An old problem has been resolved: The ascending pipe of the old Cooplex series handicapped the filling as a result of the upwards directed orifice outlet, as well as opening the top cover during operation. Auxiliary materials such as ball valves or hose clips etc. were often necessary. With the Cyclone the water stream is diverted around 90° horizontally and thus the problem is avoided.

An extra effect, which comes mainly by using high-capacity pumps, High flow cooling components and larger inner tube diameters for carrying, is an optically interesting effective whirl.
Even more: By turning the ascension pipe within the range of 180 ° you can affect the effusion direction and thus the intensity of the whirl. For this the ascending pipe was bedded in an O-ring. If no whirl is desired, the exhaust port is simply turned to the right angle to one of the two outer walls lying opposite. Depending upon filling level a visible motion is generated on the water surface.

In order to take into account this effect, two G1/4" LED lighting modules can be inserted.

Characteristics overview

2x G 3/8" connecting thread for the use of connections with 8, 10mm or more inner diameter for High flow of systems
2x G ¼ "connecting thread for LED lighting modules
Ascension pipe with 12mm inner diameter
60 mm diameter pipe diameter for additional volume
90 °direction change in the ascension pipe for easier filling
Whirlpool effect by controllable ascension pipe within the range of 180 °
Black POM cover and connecting unit, bolted with O-ring seal
5 mm thick Plexiglas Pipe

Scope of supply:

Retail packaging
2x retaining brackets POM black
2x G3/8" Locking Screw
1x G1/4" Locking Screw

Please note:
For mounting additional screws are required. We recommend ordering Item No. 15511

Instructions for mounting: Download.



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