With the proven cross-slot base and the new 3D Jetplate, this cooler represents a completely new technological development. Specially optimized for the latest Intel and AMD processors.

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Alphacools GPU coolers cover a vast range of PCBs. The fully chrome-plated coolers are milled from a single piece of copper. Known for high quality, outstanding performance, and uniform as well as functional design language.

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Meet the successor of the Eisbaer generation eqquipped with a solid aluminum housing, a full copper radiator, quick-release fasteners for potential AIO expansion, and a completely newly engineered pump.

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The first radiator with a discreet aRGB LED lighting on the side panels. The recessed ports are flush with the surface of the radiator. As standard the cooling fins, channels and the pre-chambers are made entirely of copper.

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Level up your liquid cooling setup with a glass-built reservoir. Its sleek design and robust construction offer ample capacity and efficient coolant circulation, ensuring optimal cooling performance. Aurora lighting comes as standard.

Alphacool presents the dynamic fusion of two design highlights: the Core Distro Plates, now expertly paired with the VPP Apex pump. This configuration is an essential addition to any performance-driven custom water-cooling system where both the CPU and graphics card(s) require simultaneous cooling.

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