New ES GPU Coolers

More performance!

Discreet appearance.

Alphacool manages to position the cooler as close as possible to the components to be cooled. For this purpose, the heat conducting pads used are reduced to a thickness of 1 mm.

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Chrome-plated copper.

The cooler is made entirely of chrome-plated copper. A chrome plating is much harder than a nickel plating and therefore less sensitive to acids, scratches, and damage. It completely eliminates the risk of chipping nickel plating. Additionally, chrome plating looks much more homogeneous and provides a shine that cannot be achieved by nickel plating. Chrome-plated coolers have previously only been used in the industrial sector in areas where extreme influences act on the coolers.

enterprise solutions

New ES GPU Coolers.

NV A100
RTX 6000 Ada
RTX A4000
https://api.alphacool.comNV A100

NV A100

The Alphacool ES Copper/Carbon water cooler with backplate was developed for the Alphacool Enterprise Series. Due to the positioning of the connections, the hosing of the cooler in the server rack is significantly simplified.