High-quality water cooling products that are durable.

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Low Noise
Low Noise

Low Noise

The system becomes quieter as the cooling is distributed over a larger surface area and the fans can therefore run more slowly.

Lower Temperatures
Lower Temperatures

Lower Temperatures

Your PC stays cool even under full load, allowing you to play or work without any problems.

Greater Component Lifespan
Greater Component Lifespan

Greater Component Lifespan

Maximizing service life is one of the key reasons people choose to use liquid to cool their PC.

Better Looks
Better Looks

Better Looks

It is not only about performance. The potency of a water cooled PC also comes with improved looks and feeling.



Alphacool's years of experience have resulted in an extensive product range with positive reviews, an active community and first-class support.

  • Unsurprisingly this setup cools amazingly well. I had a 20°C drop over air cooling on full load (going from around 82°C to 62°C and would recommend this GPU AIO for anybody wanting simple cooling solution without going through the aggravation of a full custom loop. Overall I think this is a kickass, inexpensive (relative) way of cooling your card.

    u/terpmike28Watercooling Enthusiast
  • With the Alphacool Eiswand, you get a custom watercooling kit with no case fitment dependencies. Setup is incredibly easy compared to most watercooling kits and, to me, bridges the gap between full custom watercooling and an AIO unit for many users.

    Austin Matthews
    Austin MatthewsMechanical Engineer
  • ... particularly suitable for users who have larger multi-core processors such as the current Intel i9 series or the AMD Ryzen 9 or Threadripper series in use. We give our recommendation for a cooler with good performance.

    Sebastian Psotta
    Sebastian PsottaTechnical Admin & Editor
  • Their superb thermal performance combined with elegant design, and simple installation is too good to have. These blocks come recommended by us.

    Nauman Siddique
    Nauman SiddiqueSenior Editor
  • ... the fin thickness of 0.4 mm, as well as the distance between the fins. In comparison to the previous model, one should to be able to achieve a temperature that is up to 10 Kelvin lower.

    Martin Gerke
    Martin GerkeRedactor
  • We have a good feeling that our Foundation waterblock from Optimus will be retiring, and that from now on the high-performance Alphacool Core 1 will be powering our test setup with the Intel i9-13900KS processor and the ROG Z790 APEX.

    Jack Corner
    Jack CornerOverclocker
  • The Core 1 leaves our test with pride, having won our most prestigious award: "Choix de l'équipe" ("Team Choice).

    Wael Kadri
    Wael KadriModder
  • Core 1 is a new, modern water block designed for installation in open-loop water cooling systems. With this and other new products, Alphacool adapts to current market trends and ensures customers achieve effective cooling for their overheating processors.

    Krešimir Matanović
    Krešimir MatanovićEditor-in-chief
  • In Cinebench R23, we see a temperature difference of up to 5 degrees less on the hottest core, and even up to 10 degrees less in OCCT after five consecutive runs.

    Martin Heits
    Martin HeitsEnthusiast
  • Looking at the new water blocks, we can already tell that the simple, but eye-catching design is far different from previous Alphacool products.

    Bartosz Waluk
    Bartosz WalukExtreme overclocker

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Why so many choose Alphacool as their cooling solution provider.

Your computer works more quietly and achieves an improved overall balance in terms of performance and efficiency.

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Potential decrease in energy consumption


Potential decrease in component temperature


Potential decrease in audible volume

Decrease energy usage. Ensure quiet operation. Create cool setups.

A new generation of water cooling for the latest desktop builds that are continuously becoming more powerful, and produce more and more waste heat. Our products reliably solve this problem and impres with elegant appearance and attractive pricing for every wallet.

Great Variety

Great Variety

Cooler TemperaturesCooler Temperatures

Cooler Temperatures

Quieter EnvironmentQuieter Environment

Quieter Environment

Timeless DesignTimeless Design

Timeless Design

Simple InstructionsSimple Instructions

Simple Instructions

Personal SupportPersonal Support

Personal Support

From metal fans to custom 3D-scanned watercooling setups, Alex from LinusTechTipps stopped by to check it all out and see if any of these could end up in your next PC.

Alphacool products ensure a quieter environment, more performance and a longer service life while making your PC look cool.

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