1U, 2U & 4U format water cooling ready server racks and gear to equip them. Water cooling sets for all server case sizes to match.

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Your complete custom server solution. We offer a wide range of products to get your server up and running quickly and easily. You can also just send us your hardware and we will take care of the rest.

Mounting options for reservoirs, pumps and radiators taken into account. Possibility of using your gear or simply accommodating our prebuilt server cooling sets!

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Jet & Stream specially developed for powerful processors within server and workstation systems. Reliably dissipates waste heat of up to 800 watts.


Battle the heat output of 450W power draw with our compact 1-slot space saving design enabling you to achieve denser computational power within your latest and greatest server racks. 

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Considerably more thermal efficient compared to aluminum, our water-carrying components are made of pure copper, which is a unique selling point on the market. Our COPPERcore™ portfolio includes almost all possible sizes too.

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Deliver extremely high air flow and static pressure to your rack. Specially developed for use in servers and workstations. 4-pin PWM control as standard.

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Robust, modular and powerful spherical bearing or a ceramic axle modular pumps that are compatible with various tops and reservoirs. 

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Ensure organization in the system and facilitate the exchange of components in combination with quick-release fasteners. Extensive mounting & connection options; the ideal mate for a well planned water flow.

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