From datacenters to image sensors and beyond. We cover all client requirements from initial planning phase to in-house production of ultimate cooling solutions for your needs.

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https://api.alphacool.comState-of the art cooling solutions.
In-house manufacturing
In-house manufacturing

In-house manufacturing

Stands for high quality control throughout the entire production process, ensuring strict intellectual property protection and optimal cost efficiency.

Lower temperatures
Lower temperatures

Lower temperatures

Water cooling outperforms air cooling in efficiently maintaining hardware at lower temperatures, thanks to the water's inherent high thermal conductivity.

Custom design
Custom design

Custom design

We offer custom solutions tailored to individual hardware and usage needs precisely, ensuring efficient heat dissipation and superior cooling compared to off-the-shelf options.

Less is more
Less is more

Less is more

Water is an obvious winner when it comes to space utilization. Watercooling takes up less space than air cooling solutions being more effective at the same time.

Superb support
Superb support

Superb support

Our goal is customer satisfaction, achieved through empathetic and professional support. We're committed to guiding our clients towards swift success at every step.

Do you have a cooling problem?

Scalable cooling solutions are a fingertip away. Consult us to find your way to kill the heat.

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Use our online configurator to mock up your own custom cooling configuration. Send us the designs and we will contact you with the best possible solution to your cooling problem.

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To concerned engineers and power users of electronics our products are liquid cooling systems that provide simple, sustainable, more power efficient, noise-reducing and expandable solutions.

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Expandable systems

Expandable systems

Energy savingsEnergy savings

Energy savings

Component lifespanComponent lifespan

Component lifespan

Temperature stabilityTemperature stability

Temperature stability

Saving spaceSaving space

Saving space

Noise ReductionNoise Reduction

Noise Reduction

See why Wavemed SRL and so many others choose Alphacool as their go-to cooling solution provider.

Success stories

Potential decrease in energy consumption


Longer average in service lifespan of components


Potential increase in compute density

https://api.alphacool.comIncrease stability and decrease heat

Prevent damage. Ensure reliability and stability. Extend lifespan.

We analyze your problems and offer solutions in ‎3D.

We offer custom 3D design and presentation visualizations of your specific cooling solution.
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We analyze your problems and offer solutions in ‎3D.
We analyze your problems and offer solutions in ‎3D.

Cooled by Alphacool. We are the brand-behind-your-brand, providing the cutting-edge cooling technology to numerous leading brands and OEMs in PC industry, AI data centers, image capture and precision optic solutions. Our gear find its place even in an EV excavator.

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Engineering & Design

Engineering & Design

Video productionVideo production

Video production

Image captureImage capture

Image capture

Big dataBig data

Big data



EV AutomotiveEV Automotive

EV Automotive



Precision OpticsPrecision Optics

Precision Optics

Medical TechnologyMedical Technology

Medical Technology

Wind TechnologyWind Technology

Wind Technology

LED TechnologyLED Technology

LED Technology

Lab ResearchLab Research

Lab Research

  • ...due to the cooperation with their experts, we were able to implement innovative and technologically sophisticated cooling solutions and advance our Sensors4Rail project.

    Layla Algermissen
    Layla AlgermissenLeiter Industrieprojekte DigitalRail Deutschland
  • Thanks to the collaboration with Alphacool and their cooling solutions, we were able to stay one step ahead of the competition as one of the market leaders for optical solutions for the consumer electronics, automotive, healthcare and industrial range.

    Günter Hötzl
    Günter HötzlIngenieur für Beleuchtungssysteme
  • A manufacturer that is also known for its customer-oriented support. The company is quick to provide sample components and 3D data for test set-ups, which allows its partners to work in a time-efficient and goal-oriented manner. Alphacool is also flexible when it comes to meeting special requirements, which is often necessary when tackling new, innovative project ideas.

    Matthias Schreiner
    Matthias SchreinerSystemingenieur
  • We have a great collaboration with Alphacool. They give excellent customer service, with proactive communication and fast, reliable delivery. Their thermal pads are a perfect fit in our drone motors. We feel very confident in our collaboration; they always put our needs first.

    Ivan M. Garcia
    Ivan M. GarciaTechnischer Einkäufer
  • The collaboration with Alphacool is always extremely constructive and through our partnership we are able to offer innovative and technologically sophisticated cooling solutions for our high-performance computers on time in a market characterized by very short innovation cycles.

    Armin Erich
    Armin ErichLeiter der Abteilung Entwicklung
  • Alphacool is a reliable partner, they have a deep well of experience to draw on, also with flexibility, responsiveness, and technological knowledge, we are happy to co-work with them.

    Tony Sun
    Tony SunEinkaufsleiter
  • The array of digital products offered from coolers to fittings allow us to speed up our digital development and the technical support combined with the speed of reaction to our requests has been second to none along the way. We hope to continue to strengthen our partnership with Alphacool and share knowledge & experience

    Ricardo Monteiro
    Ricardo MonteiroGeschäftsführer
  • Contacting them was very easy and subsequently, an extremely friendly contact was established. After a short consultation, the offer and the sample delivery were sent. This is a superb service and we were able to test the products very extensively and are very satisfied.

    Marvin Gülzow
    Marvin GülzowKonstrukteur
  • Not only the products were decisive in the choice but also the advice. Already after a first inquiry the personal contact proved to be special, because we were supported in every phase of our development project, be it with tips on handling or a test sample. Thus, we were able to find the optimal radiator for our application at Alphacool.

    Marc Schmidt-Winterstein
    Marc Schmidt-WintersteinGeschäftsführer
  • We learned Alphacool's systems are not only limited to the PC. With their solutions, we were able to cool the internal electronics, increase reliability and lifetime, and develop and evaluate a concept for to reuse the waste heat for our ZeroEmission Maritime Solutions & Fully Autonomous Boats with international certification and worldwide insurance.

    Stefanie A. Engelhard
    Stefanie A. EngelhardMitbegründer
  • As world's leading manufacturer of VTOL drones for surveying and mining we thank Alphacool for the know-how and cooperation. We were able to cool the electronic inner workings and increase the reliability and lifetime of the drones and this secure our leading position within the nieche.

    Stefan Weibel
    Stefan WeibelOperativer Produktlebenszyklus-Manager
  • Alphacool products are a perfect complement to our Colorful graphics cards, offering our customers an exceptional PC experience. We greatly value our partnership with Alphacool and look forward to further innovative solutions that will drive our joint efforts to enhance PC hardware. Together, we are committed to exceeding our customers' expectations and making the world of PC graphics even more exciting.

    Yvonne Wu
    Yvonne WuManaging Director

Your technical computing requirements, our watercooling design process. Our top of the line enterprise Alphacool cooling solutions are designed to handle any challenge you throw at them.

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Alphacool enterprise cooling solutions are designed to prevent damage, ensure reliability and stability and extend the lifespan of server components.

Server Racks
GPU Coolers
CPU Coolers
Pumps & Reservoirs

Server Racks

Mounting options for reservoirs, pumps and radiators taken into account. Possibility of using your gear or simply accommodating our prebuilt server cooling sets!

Enterprises that trusted Alphacool with their cooling needs.

See why Super Micro Computer Inc. and so many others choose Alphacool as their go-to cooling solution provider.

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